Now, this is spooky!

I'm in a very popular group on Facebook, and one of its members posted these pictures.

Here's the first one. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Cassidy T. Vines/ Facebook
Cassidy T. Vines/ Facebook

But after a motion detector alert went off,  the following image was displayed:

attachment-front ghsot image


Let's see that one again:

Cassidy T. Vines/ Facebook
Cassidy T. Vines/ Facebook



If you are confused as to what you saw with your own eyes, let me help you out.

According to what  Cassidy Vines posted in What's Happening In Fort Hood:


"Can someone pls tell me what I’m looking at? 😅😅 No one was at home when this showed up this morning. We hadn’t been home since Monday."

Cassidy T. Vines/Facebook
Cassidy T. Vines/Facebook

So what is that?

Some dust in the lens?

A shadow?

A ghost?

A spirit?

If it's a spirit, is it a good one or a bad one?

Whatever you come up with, let us know. I asked Cassidy if she's going to move.

Her reply was, "unfortunately not until May, so I'm bout to die probably" .

As one of the hilarious comments read:  "Just be nice to the ghosts and then give them the wifi password, that'll keep em busy".

Good luck, Cassidy!

Have you ever captured something spooky or weird on your security system? Did you ever get an explanation for it, or has the image remained a mystery? We'd love to see your mysterious captures! Send us a pic on our free app, on Facebook, or via Instagram.

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