Ghostly Sighting In Clovis, NM
Did the Hernandez family of Clovis, New Mexico see a ghost? That is the big question as their home surveillance camera captured a very strange sight the other evening.
Ghost In Amarillo
If you are someone dating in Amarillo, this most likely happened to you at least once. I am talking about "Ghosting".
Sneak Peek At Van Buren’s Frightmare [VIDEO]
Spirits and ghosts from the medieval times have taken over Van Buren haunted house at the AAYC building. Just drive by and here the creepy screams running away from the building. Van Buren Frighmare brings you a indoor/outdoor haunting experience! Her...
Video- Ghost touches Tommy the Hacker
Since we are right around the corner from Halloween I though maybe you guys would like to see this creepy video. With all the weird things that have been happening at the Kiss Fm studio we thought we'd want to find out the truth about our building. Do we have a ghost here at the Kiss Fm station…

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