Valentine's Day is just a few days away!  There are all kinds of special things and flavors being released for the special day.  And for all you Starbucks lovers, Starbucks is releasing three new flavors.

When you think of Valentine's Day, chocolate usually comes to mind.  It has been a Valentine's Day ritual since I can remember.  Well, for this week and this week only, Starbucks is giving us their special take on the sweet treat.

Molten Chocolate Latte:  This drink is just what it says.  Lots of yummy chocolate.  This drink is a mixture of chocolate chips that are infused into espresso, and some bittersweet mocha sauce that is added at the same time as the steamed milk.  Of course they are going to top it with a mocha drizzle and espresso infused whipped cream.

Molten Hot Chocolate:  For those non-coffee drinkers, they didn't leave you out.  This Molten Hot Chocolate is chocolate chips and mocha sauce being melted into the steamed milk.  It is smooth and creamy.  It is also topped with a whipped cream and mocha sauce.

Molten Chocolate Frappuccino: If you love cold coffee (I know I sure do) then you'll love this.  The chocolate chips are blended into milk and ice.  Then coffee and mocha sauce are added with a chocolate-espresso whip.  They also offer a non-coffee version for kids.

All of these drinks sound so amazing!!  So if you love coffee and chocolate, then you need to head to Starbucks.  But you better hurry because they are only available until February 14th!

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