Not even a sick joke here.  Since the death of the co-founder, chairman & CEO of Apple Steve Jobs, sales in turtlenecks have sky rocketed!  I got this from TMZ and they usually don't mess around so I completely believe this.

You'd think Steve Jobs' death would destroy financial markets across the globe -- but TMZ has learned, one commodity has experienced a dramatic upsurge in sales today ... mock turtlenecks.

The turtleneck was made famous when he wore it during his key-note addresses for Apple.  Word from the company that makes his favorite turtleneck t-shirt is that since his passing, sales have more then doubled!

rep for the St. Croix clothing brand tells TMZ, as soon as news broke that Jobs had passed, their mock turtlenecks flew off the shelves -- adding, St. Croix has experienced an "almost 100% increase in sales" since yesterday.

Steve Jobs was a smart man, and he would tell you to take your cash and invest in this little clothing brand to make a quick buck.

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