I don't really watch Steven Seagal Lawman, but I am aware of it and have seen a few bits and pieces of the show.  Overall, it's pretty lame.  It's not funny, it's more boring then Cops and I have no idea why it's still on the air.  Maybe it's just the times we live in.  Times where a reality show can KILL A MAN'S DOG and get away with it.

Oh yes ladies & gents!  This did in fact really happen!  Steven Seagal has the blood of a dead puppy on his hands.  According to Arizona man, Jesus Sanches Llovera, his house was raided by Seagal and his crew on the reality show because they believed Jesus was running an illegal cockfighting farm at his house.

Jesus claims Seagal arrived to his home on March 9 with a TANK -- and rammed into a gate on his property. Seagal was backed up by an MCSO Tactical Operations Unit -- armed in full riot gear -- which stormed the house. The entire incident was captured by a camera crew taping for Seagal's reality show, "Steven Seagal Lawman."

Jesus claims his 11-month old puppy was shot and killed during the raid -- and his home sustained "substantial damage." He also claims the cops killed more than 100 roosters that belonged to him.

According to the lawsuit claim, Jesus is asking for $100,000 for property damage and an apology to his children from Seagal for killing the family dog.  Not nearly enough if you ask me!  This happens all over the nation!  I'm sorry to my law officer friends but something has to change!  Cops are given too much power!  I see it in our city every weekend, police officers that are pure and simple drunk with power.  They act like they are above the law and our city and state let that happen!  What laws don't apply to cops?  A cop shoots and kills an innocent man and just gets a slap on the hand, does that make sense to anybody?  Police officers perform an unlawful raid and kill a family pet and there is no punishment?  Am I the only one that just loses their mind when they hear this kind of news?