It's funny what you find we you start looking on Google Earth.  You can find some exciting and strange things.

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While researching something else, I was looking on Google Earth around Boys Ranch Road and the Floating Mesa, I scanned over a really interesting piece of land.

It was filled with mounds.  One mound after another.  It's fascinating and weird all at the same time.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The area around it doesn't seem to have any houses, there are a couple of barn lean-tos with trails that lead out into the mounds.  This could be something to do with livestock or farming, but I don't think that is the case.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I know there are places in Texas that have strange mounds, in Quanah, Texas, there are four cone shape mounds, they are known as the Medicine Mounds. The Plains Indians and Comanche Indians used them for spiritual journeys.

Further south in Texas lies the Caddo Mounds Historic Site in Alto, Texas.

But these weird mounds are nothing like the other mounds.  Not to be too morbid, but these strange mounds look like what could be graves.  It's also possible that this could be the beginnings of a sub-division of houses, but I don't think this is a big enough area.  However, satellite images can be deceiving.

This particular area is in Ady, Texas close to the floating mesa.   I've seen stranger things in this area.  However, as soon as I found out what the heck these strange mounds are for, I will definitely share the information.  Unfortunately, it's not a big pile of dirt near Teckla, and easy to hunt down.

For all I know, it could be aliens.

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