Pretty crazy footage of the Sugarland concert when the Indiana Stage collapsed.  It's really wild to watch and this particular video is a compilation of footage and it's very real so be warned if you plan on watching it.  From the video, and what I've read, it was all caused by the weather.  Watching the video you can see the wind shaking the stage and then suddenly it drops right on the crowd.

I've read that 5 people were confirmed dead and several others were injured.  What a terrible way to die.  I mean at a Sugarland concert?  Really not trying to make a joke here when I think about this wow is the only thing that comes to mind.  That's the last thing you expect at a concert!  Your sitting there, either enjoying or hating the live performance, I'm sure a few of the people didn't even wanna be there, then the storm kicks up and boom your dead.  What an awful ending to a story!

It looks like Sugarland is planning a memorial for all the victims.  And the families of the victims are most likely planning a lawsuit for the promoter and insurance company.