This amazing recreation of Super Mario 64's Bob-Omb Battlefield in the Unity engine, conveniently playable in your browser with your keyboard, is going to ruin your productivity.

The level is meticulously recreated from beginning to end, with every cannonball, Bob-omb, and annoying water bubble falling from the sky intact. Some things are noticeably absent, like the Wing Cap from early in the level or the giant Chain Chomp near the cage, but those minor imperfections can be forgiven considering the attention to detail that went into the rest of the stage.

Creator Roystan Ross posted a brief summary of the project on his blog (courtesy of VG247), explaining what was used to build the level and offering downloads of both the level and his Unity project for those who know their way around the engine. It's an interesting read that sheds some light on how fan projects like this come to be, but those without development knowledge will feel like they're reading a foreign language..

This faithful upgrade proves to us that Super Mario 64 would be a prime candidate for the HD remake treatment. If a fan can create this with nothing but spare time and a dev kit, imagine how the entire game could be like this. Here's to hoping that Nintendo decides to give its older classics a similar treatment.

Try the level for yourself here, or download it from the blog post above. Either way, say goodbye to about 45 minutes of productivity.

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