If you've ever seen Video Game Mashup's channel on Youtube, you've seen this kind of video before.  They've had several successful mash-ups ranging from Punch Out VS Mortal Kombat, to the more successful Chuck Norris series, including this video and even the incredibly awesome Chuck Norris VS Angry Birds.

If your a fan of Super Mario Bros, you'll be able to appreciate the attention payed to detail in this video.

Video Game Mashups:

8-bit Chuck Norris doesn't run to the castle. The castle comes to him.

Even cooler, the developers are giving you a chance to chime in for Chuck's next match!  Tell them who you think Chuck Norris should play next by clicking here and leaving a comment.

Big thanks to Video Game Mashups for bringing this hilarity to our monitors!  There's a special place in Heaven for those guys!

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