Just in time for a Valentine's Day cell date, a 19-year-old gamer from Nevada could face up to five years in prison for repeatedly calling the cops and "swatting" other players.

Justice is being served as Nevada native Brandon Wilson was arrested this weekend in connection to multiple reports of swatting, Polygon reports. For those who don't know, swatting is when someone (don't try this at home, outside of the home, or... just don't do it) anonymously calls the police and makes a false 911 report about someone they don't like, incriminating that person by word of mouth and resulting in a swift/serious police response to an innocent victim's residence. In July 2014, 19-year-old Wilson falsely reported a murder to the Naperville, Ill. police department with the alleged culprit being someone he didn't like online. As a result, police (expecting the worse) were wrongly dispatched to a house where the most action was coming from a video game console.

Wilson allegedly threatened to hack his victim's Social Security and banking accounts. Police were able to get a search warrant and investigate Wilson's Las Vegas residence. Police were able to find evidence tying Wilson to multiple swatting attacks. He is being charged with two counts of computer tampering, as well as single counts of intimidation, disorderly conduct, identity theft, and computer fraud. Should Wilson be convicted of those charges, he could face up to five years in an Illinois state prison. Also, Federal investigators and authorities from three difference states are looking into Wilson files and additional charges may be filed -- GOOD. There should be a zero tolerance policy on swatting.

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