I always have time to eat tacos. I always have room for tacos.  For years, I have a finite definition of tacos, even down to the shell. But since the taste of Texas has gone worldwide, the ingredients of tacos has been improved upon.

There are basically three types of tacos:

1, Mexican traditional- My absolute favorite,  A corn tortilla, grilled and stuffed with spicy taco meat. Add some cheese, lettuce, (keep the tomatoes) and maybe some chopped onion. Douse in a hot green salsa, and taco perfection is achieved. This was the "my" taco, for the first 18 years of my life.

2. Tex-Mex- You have work overtime, to screw this up. Heat up a crispy shell,( or don't), fry up some seasoned, beef, pork, or chicken. Stuff your favorite garden veggies in it-salsa too. I'm not a fan of the crispy taco shell as I don't pieces of it falling everywhere. That's not to say I won't eat them, because I will. Never, never turn down a taco.

3. New Americano- Once the taco left the Lone Star state, people started doing things to it. Some exchange corn for flour tortillas, but doesn't make it a burrito? Avoid the argument and proceed. Inside can be beef, or venison. Or goat. Or fish, or shrimp, or even turkey. Add some mushrooms or poblano. Or bacon! This is fancy taco stuff and it's just as good.

Tacos are the perfect food. You can hold them and drive. You can have them for any meal. Breakfast tacos are just genius. Yes, you can eat them "vegetarian" but for God's sake, please don't.

Rarely does one see "one" taco. Tacos travel in packs. Tacos call tequila a close friend. Tacos don't judge you if you eat them without a fork.

Texas is rightfully proud of our barbecue and ,Willie Nelson. We love the Cowboys and Ford trucks, George Strait, and Selena. Perhaps it's not fair that we have so much, but we love to share tacos. Anytime. Anywhere.


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