I am one of those get your Christmas shopping done early type people.   I usually start the last week of October and I'm done by the end of November.   Which nothing has changed.  I'm moving right along with those gift purchases, however this morning I realized something that made me very sad.

Toys R Us is gone.   It's not here and that is where I have bought the biggest majority of my toys.   They had the best selection of Legos, and Army toys and Nerf Guns.

I was searching for a particular Army toy this morning and the brand that the kids love is the True Heroes Sentinel toys.  Toys R Us had a whole row dedicated to those toys and when they were on sale they were on sale.  Now they are gone, yes I know a few pieces are at Walmart or online, but the selection and the coolest ones aren't in local stores and the prices on the internet are insane.

Let's talk Legos, Toys R Us had the best selection of sets, and the best sets and what you couldn't find in stores, they were on the website.  Those hard to find sets were there and affordable.  Again, as above when Toys R Us had a sale they had a sale and they had amazing promo codes you could find to make things even cheaper.  The choice of Legos in local stores, well, it stinks.

They were right when they said, "more games, more toys, OH BOY!"   I really do want to be a Toys R Us kid again.

I heard a rumor they might come back, but it won't be soon enough for Christmas.

I know it's such a small, mediocre thing, but this will be the first year where there won't be anything from Toys R Us under the tree.

I am so sad.

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