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Bill Clinton + His Magic Fedora Charmed Charlize Theron at the GLAAD Awards [PHOTOS]
Yeah, we know -- when Bill Clinton and "magic fedora" are mentioned in the same sentence, your first thought has got to be, "Is that a metaphor for something?" And maybe sometimes it is. But at the GLAAD Awards on Saturday, April 20, a fedora was just a fedora -- and our former president looked quite dapper in it. So dapper, in fact, that stunner Charlize Theron wanted in on th
President Bill Clinton To Speak At WTAMU First United Center In Canyon, TX
Bill Clinton is a many of many talents.  From successfully running our country for 8 years without completely screwing everything up, to completely screwing interns and getting away with it.  Yes Bill has by far been my favorite president ever.  I'm proud to have lived during his time of success and having seen it all take place with my own eyes.  Even better, the real man of mystery, Bill Clinton