Best Wedding Proposal Ever [VIDEO]
This couple was on their flight back home when all of the sudden the co-pilot thought they were going on a emergency landing. After communicating via cb radio the couple were reading over emergency landing procedures not knowing it was all scripted by her soon to be husband. He ...
Musically Inclined Puppy Plays Piano [VIDEO]
I've hear abut some pets being very musically talented but this one shocked the heck out of me! Now I don't know how real this is but if it is this puppy has some serious talent. If it's fake they surely fooled me then...Haha! What do you think?
6-Year-Old Gives Mom And Dad Divorce Advice [VIDEO]
This is an eye-opener and some of us adults need to take notes while watching this video. All this 6-year-old girl is for her mom and dad to still remain as friends but love everyone. What a smart little girl right here. She really is giving some good advice!

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