What ever happen to the greatest Golfer of an era Tiger Woods!
Tiger Woods was the highlight once again, no not a comeback. He was arrested for a DWI over the weekend. The trouble has been ruining his legacy since 2009. The once #1 Golfer in the world just has not been in a good place. 20 when he became a pro golfer in 1996 then just a few months later he won one of the four big Championships, The Masters in 1997.
Labor Day Weekend is a Time To Relax and Have Fun But Don’t Forget to Be Responsible
Labor Day Weekend is almost here and it's one of those weekends we look forward to each year.  Not only does it mark the end of Summer it's the kick off to Fall.  The Labor Day weekend gives us chance to relax and enjoy one last 3-day weekend before we hit the ground running full force into the school year and the holiday season.  However, with any holiday people like to have fun and partake in ad