The Real Life Fairy – Anastasiya Shpagina [VIDEO]
Last night I was watching E! and I saw what I thought had to be a very realistic cartoon character.  As the segment unfolded in front of me, I started thinking I was having some kind of flashback or hallucination.  I wasn't, I was in fact seeing a Real Life Fairy!
New Heart-Monitoring Device for Smartphones Could Save Your Life
Swiss researchers say new technology that interacts with smartphones could revolutionize the treatment of heart patients. The device in question consists of four electrode sensors attached to the skin and linked to a radio module and computer chip that clips onto a patient’s belt. Data from the device is sent to a smartphone and can be viewed in real-time for up to 150 hours on a single charge. An
Kelly Clarkson Wants All The Guys To Know That She ISN’T Gay, And Would Like You To Resume Hitting On Her
Poor Kelly Clarkson!  This one hits close to home for me as I to have been the victim of homosexual accusations (I have no idea why).  Not that I have anything against it, I do love the gays so!  I have a ton of gay friends and they are the most down to earth people I know!  But accusing a straight person?  It's not right, people go around spreading rumors saying "Dallas is gay" and all