Poor Kelly Clarkson!  This one hits close to home for me as I to have been the victim of homosexual accusations (I have no idea why).  Not that I have anything against it, I do love the gays so!  I have a ton of gay friends and they are the most down to earth people I know!  But accusing a straight person?  It's not right, people go around spreading rumors saying "Dallas is gay" and all the sudden no girl wants to even look my way?  It makes you feel small, ugly and unwanted.

Well in a recent interview with E Online, Kelly Clarkson made it clear that she wants to squash this once and for all.  She would like the world to know that she IS NOT GAY and wants the guys to resume hitting on her!

From Examiner:

“It’s just not helping me because I am straight,” Kelly Clarkson said. Guys are just not hitting on her because they think she is gay."

On one hand, I almost think she would enjoy the gay rumor, it has to get old getting hit on all the time (not that I would know anything about that).  But on the other hand, how you ever going to meet someone special if they are afraid to even talk to you because they think your a man-hater?

Hey life is tough!  We're going to have some rough spots till the day we die.  I say for now, make Kelly feel special fellas!  It's as simple as hitting up her facebook and dropping a line telling her how you feel.  You never know, it may work out for you!  Stars have accepted dates via the internet.  What have you got to lose really?  She's smoking hot, has a great smile, is loaded with cash and probably has some other good qualities.  It's time to man up and make our little American Idol feel special (:  Speaking of American Idol, how bad does the X-Factor suck?  I think America is tired of singing shows.  I know I for one am sick and tired of them!


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