(Despacito Parody) Sesame Street: El Patito
Despacito will live on forever, in the music world. Almost 4 Billion views on YouTube, we just can't get enough of it! Everywhere you hear it, but this worldwide song is so big that people are making parody's(making fun of) of the song.
"That Spidey Life" Spider-Man ft. Bruno Mars
The title says it all, as I watching superhero movie trailers that are coming out later this year. I came across a Superhero parody song from Bruno Mars "That’s What I Like".  Just in time for the new upcoming movie.
An Iron Man Parody: Iron Can
I'll admit it, I love the Iron Man franchise.  There is just something about Tony Stark.  However, a couple of guys names Anders Wotzke and Mike Nixon with MovieDex created a parody called Iron Can.

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