Amarillo Get Ready for Ski Season At This Huge Sale
Ski season is a huge deal for people in Amarillo. People from Amarillo travel to New Mexico and Colorado for the best skiing, snowboarding and winter fun. However, winter sports are not, let's say, very affordable and that's why you want to take advantage of this giant sale going on at o…
They're Selling WHAT on Facebook?
You have to love Facebook. Like Craiglist, you can buy pretty much anything. Which is perfect for the holidays. You can buy books, video games, a couch or a car. You won't believe what we found.
Amarillo's $2.1 Million Dollar House is for Sale
Do you have a few million dollars laying around? If so, this house could be yours! I found the house on Zillow and it's freaking gorgeous.
It's estimated Mortgage is about $8,556 a month and a HOA fee of about $62. Built in 2008 the house is made for a single family with 5 bedrooms and…

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