Texas Woman Missing For Over A Week, 30 Year Old Maegan Hembree [PHOTOS]
A 30 year old woman from Smyer, TX, which is closer to Lubbock than it is Amarillo, has been missing for over a week now and her family is desperate to locate her.  Please, if you know of the whereabouts of Maegan Hembree, do the right thing and contact the authorities or family so they can finally get some sleep at night, they truly fear the worse.
Austin Bans Single Use Plastic Bags Because They Are Bad For The Environment
Oh yeah, in the capital of the greatest state in all of the USA, Austin, TX, there's a new and strange ban being put into place that's going to make things very different there, this takes "keep Austin weird" to a whole new level!  Yeah, it's weird, but the city has began a ban on single use bags.  Like what you put your produce in at the store, what your groceries get bagged in, even wh
Another DJ Earworm Mashup – United State Of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom) [Video]
DJ Earworm is back with another mashup!  DJ Earworm, whom is a San Francisco/London based DJ, started doing the United State Of Pop mashups back in 2007 and has released one every year since.  Basically, a mix featuring the top 25 tracks of the year all mashed up into one.  They're always very ear catchy and so far 2009's has been my favorite, but hold on, he released 2011's on Christmas Day and i
Is Your State Paying the Most for Electricity?
Turning up the dial on your thermostat in the fall and winter months is bound to add major coin to your electric bill, so you power through. Unless you live in Utah, and then you really have nothing to worry about, according to new data released this week.
Which States Have the Highest and Lowest Rates of Mental Illness?
Data from the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency (SAMHSA) suggests 20 percent of American adults — 44.5 million people — experienced some sort of mental illness over the last year. The report defines “mental illness” as any sort of diagnosable mental, behavioral or emotional disorder that causes “substantial functional impairment” or requires treatment, and provides a list of how much of

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