Tax season

Tax Day Freebies
Doing your taxes are a pain, but it is a necessary evil.  You have to do your taxes.  However, several businesses are trying to make tax day a little easier.    Check out these Tax Day Freebies.  Oh by the way tax day is Monday, April 18th.
The Perks of A Tax Return
We pay taxes out of every single one of our paychecks, so that's why we get excited in the beginning of the year because we know we have money coming our way.  I'm the first to file when I get my documents because I want that money. So for those of us that get a Tax Return, we have bi…
Tax Free Weekend 2015
The big back to school shopping weekend is approaching.  I'm talking about Texas' Tax Free Weekend!  After doing some hardcore thinking, is the actual savings worth fighting the crowd?