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‘Wonder Woman’ Is the Top-Grossing Summer Movie of 2017 in the U.S.
Our children won’t believe us when we tell them that there used to be doubt over whether a female-fronted superhero movie would work at the box office. Even at present, the days of studio executive hand-wringing over whether audiences would deign to shell out their precious $11.75 to see a film in which a woman — who was not a man — did superhero things feel favorably remote. For director Patty Jenkins and her marble-carved star Gal Gadot have proven beyond all debate and rage-choked internet commenting that women are perfectly capable of making a whole mess of money during blockbuster season. And now it’s official.
Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Cars 3’ Dethrones ‘Wonder Woman’
It’s a pleasant Sunday afternoon in the world, which means it’s time for your weekend box office updates! While this was a disappointing weekend overall for a handful of new releases, there’s good news to be had: after a disappointing $144 million total gross last weekend, the box office bounced back to $187 million total over the past few days. That takes some of the pressure off Wonder Woman to, you know, save the summer blockbuster as we know it. Here’s the totals as of Sunday afternoon:
The New Trend in Movie Trailers: Imagine Dragons Songs
Like everything else in the movie business, trailers chase trends. Somebody does something, that thing becomes a huge hit, and then everyone copies it. That’s particularly evident in the use of music in trailers. For a few years, Inception BRAAAHMS were everywhere. Recently, we’ve been buried beneath an onslaught of trailers with sad versions of pop songs (so many, in fact, I made two different lists of them). Now there’s a new trend: Imagine Dragons.
Gal Gadot Almost Quit Acting, and Then She Was Offered ‘Wonder Woman’
Acting can be a thankless business. With all the work, the rejection, the dealing with people you don’t get along with, the exhausting hours and press tours, it’s a wonder than any celeb can stick it out as long as some of our greatest stars have. Sometimes all that disappointment can push an actor to the brink — and then the right audition at the right time for a fantastic role can pull them back again. That’s exactly what happened to Gal Gadot, a.k.a. our new Wonder Woman: before she was cast, she almost quit acting altogether.

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