This is the perfect time of year to take the family and head out for a couple of movies at the Drive-In. If you are lucky enough to have one in the area. In Amarillo, we are fortunate to have the Tascosa Drive-In.

If you go to their website, they are closed due to technical difficulties. They have been up for sale for a bit. Is that the technical difficulty? It seems like that is not the difficulty that they are talking about.

credit: Tascosa Drive-In
credit: Tascosa Drive-In


According to their website, it says they are hoping for it to only take seven days. A recent Facebook post seems like it may not be so easy.

Let me explain why the theater has been closed. Projector started showing red lines across the screen, probably a corrupt file, easy fix. WRONG!!! It had to be the most expensive and hardest part to get. It’s called a light engine or light processor and a new one is $31,000.00 not including shipping. The closest one happens to be in Belgium, yes you read that correct, Belgium. I’m looking at 7-10 days to get it shipped and 2 days to install. I will inform everybody when I get the projector fixed. You might want to visit your drive-in this season because most likely, this will be my last. The theater was under contract recently and he was not going to keep it running. I would hate to see my baby go dark. The good news is, TDI is still listed, but at half the original asking price.

So $31,000 just for the part. Oh and waiting for it to get here from Belgium. What a nightmare.

The Worst Part About That Post?

Once it gets fixed and the movies start running knowing this may be the last season of movies at the Tascosa Drive-In for us. It is still for sale but at a lower price. Now we just have to hope that someone buys it that will keep it operating. I would hate to see this drive-in close.

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