We are in the season where Kiss FM starts making the rounds and visiting all high-schools in the surrounding area. It's one of our favorite times of the year. Today we stopped by Randall high-school for their pep-rally. But, it wasn't what we expected. It was one of the quietest pep-rallies we have ever been to. Why? Now, just remember there's always 2 sides to a story. What was told to us is that students were boycotting the new rules added to a school spirit contest during the pep-rally because of a policy that had been announced earlier that week at Randall.

At every Randall high-school pep-rally they have a thing called the "Battle Cry." The Battle Cry is something that has been tradition for many years. Cheerleaders hype up each class, from the freshman all the way up to the seniors. They encourage each class to be loud and show their school spirit. The class that is the loudest usually wins the Battle cry. It's normal to hear other class groups "Boo" other grades all in fun. It's been a tradition for Seniors to chant to the freshman class "Freshman Leave" during the Battle Cry.

Students at Randall have done that for years and there's no harm in it, or have I never heard of anyone getting injured over this.  All the "Battle Cry" does is allow kids to have a little school spirit in their day. It was brought up to my attention that teachers had complained that they felt it was wrong for kids to chant or call out other grades during the Battle Cry.

A decision had been made earlier this week for the students not to "Boo" or chant "Freshman Leave" anymore at any of their pep-rallies. Today was the first pep-rally that the new policy was implemented. Nobody really knew what was going to happen when it was time for the Battle Cry. I will tell you just being out there you could tell things were very tense and awkward. When it was time for the Battle Cry, cheerleaders would encourage each grade to make noise. As they went from freshman all the way up to seniors, nobody chanted or yelled or even stood up. I saw this as not only a boycott against the Battle Cry, but the student-body standing up for what they felt was wrong in the new rules that were added to their traditional Battle Cry.

In my opinion, I think there are bigger issues we need to tackle in the school system. I hope the faculty does not get offended by this. I'm not bashing trying to bash the school or faculty by all means.

Kiss Fm loves going to Randall high-school events. But also there is nothing wrong with loosening it up a little and allowing the kids to have a little class spirit. Now if the Battle cry has resulted in fights, then I would think differently and agree with the new policy. To me it just sounds like some good ole school spirit fun!

Good job to the "Hype" man at Randall that worked really hard to keep the students pumped. Also, a big shout out to the band and cheerleaders for rockin it at the pep-rally!

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