We have all called into work at one point or another and with summer pretty much here, skipping work for fun seems like a great idea.  But sometimes the excuses are just ridiculous.  Here are 10 excuses people from Amarillo use to call into work.

I hardly ever miss work and punctuality is a must.  But, we have a co-worker that is consistently late or even misses.  Sometimes we question if his excuses are legit or a made up.  So here is a list of excuses people may use to get out of work.

1.) A Strange Wild Animal Sighting

I couldn't leave my house because a mountain lion wandered out of Palo Duro Canyon and was sitting in front of my car.  Or there was a cow in the middle of the road.

2.) Pet Emergency

If your boss is a pet lover, this will work every time.  My dog is sick or having a panic attack.

3.) Food Poisoning

I ate at the Petro late last night and got so sick. This will work most of the time.  Just be sure not to name your boss's favorite restaurant.

4.) My Car Won't Start

You're not sure what's wrong, but your car won't start and you are getting it towed to  the dealership.

5.) Jury Duty

Potter County is full and there is a lot of court cases that need to be heard.  Nobody is going to stop you from fulfilling your civil duty.

6.) Traffic

There was a ton of traffic on the Canyon E-Way and I caught every single red light.

7.) Faulty Alarm

My alarm didn't go off.  Or my alarm is broken because I set it and never heard it.  Maybe I should go to Battery Plus and see if that is the problem.

8.)  I Was Arrested

I was hurrying to get to work and got pulled over for speeding.  I ended up having warrants for unpaid tickets and they took me straight to Randall County.

9.) The Storm Knocked Down My Tree

The thunderstorm last night knocked down trees all down our block.  I have no electricity and my driveway is blocked.

10.) I had An Allergic Reaction

I ate something last night and had no idea I was allergic.  My face is super swollen.  Headed to BSA's Urgent Care right now.

Sometimes getting out of work requires creativity.  We have heard all of these and more from the same co-worker.  LOL.  What are some excuses that you've heard?