Texas Department of Safety reports a deadly chartered bus crash on Interstate 40 September 29 returning to Albuquerque from Georgia. The crash resulted in multiple injuries and one dead. The Texas Department of Safety reports three were seriously injured and five others were treated for non-life threatening injuries. There were thirty passengers. One person was ejected from the charter bus. It is unknown the condition of that victim.

TXDPS said the bus returning to Albuquerque crashed into a concrete divider within a construction zone westbound on Interstate 40 and US 385. This construction zone has been active since September 2019 and is scheduled to be completed next summer.

After the crash the bus passengers where met at Christ Community Church in Vega while a Lubbock charter bus company picked up the remaining thirty involved in the crash and returned them to Albuquerque.

The person on scene who died has not been identified.

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