A federal Judge in San Antonio ruled that the state of Texas must enable all 16 million or so registered voters in the state the option on voting by mail during the pandemic.  Okay good idea. President Trump voted by mail. What’s the big deal? Apparently where you live, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has said the decision by U.S. District Judge Fred Biery is a dismissal of "well-established law."  I disagree.

Judge Biery issued his ruling Tuesday afternoon, siding with Texas Democrats who claimed the state's current voter law was discriminatory by generally allowing only people over the age of 65 or with a disability the ability to vote by mail. Those who oppose said the state law violated the 26th Amendment against voting restrictions that discriminate based on age and that those without immunity to COVID-19 were to be considered disabled or suffering from a physical condition that prevented them from going to the polling place. A federal appeals court Wednesday quickly put on a hold a ruling that paved the way in Texas for a dramatic expansion of mail-in voting due to fears of the coronavirus. Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton applauded the decision, saying that allowing everyone to vote by mail "would only lead to greater fraud and disenfranchise lawful voters." Paxton said mail in voting would lead to greater fraud, I'm glad he admits fraud has occurred. SMH.

Voting by mail in Texas is limited to registered voters 65 or older or those with a "sickness or physical condition" that prevents voting in person. Paxton has asserted that fear of getting the virus doesn't qualify as a disability under the law.

This squabble here in Texas is one of several nationwide over expanding access to mail-in ballots amid the pandemic. Primary runoff elections in Texas are set for July 14.

I had a dream I was having a beer with Ross Perot, he was pissed.

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