We all have a junk drawer. You know, that drawer where when you're cleaning and you just throw everything in it to make it disappear?

Well I've noticed that Texans definitely have some STRANGE things in theirs, and I swear I've seen it in numerous drawers here.

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This one has to be number one on my list. I've lived in Colorado, and it's a very outdoor driven state. Hunting, fishing, camping, etc. are big things there thanks to the mountainous range. However, I've never seen someone have a fish filet knife in their junk drawer. It's almost like Texas has it there just in case they happen to catch a fish in some random pond. Just seems like it's a weird place for it.

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So are you just trying to be crafty and going to make something with them? Or do you just like to throw random keys that you'll never use again in there. I mean, wouldn't this be a perfect thing to head to the trash can? It doesn't go to anything, and it's not going to work in another keyhole. Why hang on to it?

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Again, here's a perfect trash can item. If you still keep an actual paper checkbook register, I can understand putting them in there until you balance everything, but once you're done...let's trash it right? Most people however don't use a checkbook registry anymore, so what are you keeping them for? Are you wanting to go back and see what you picked up at United 2 years ago?

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Found at a friends house back in Austin. Not kidding, I was looking for a phone charger I could borrow and they said check the junk drawer. No charger, but there was a broken wishbone from a turkey in there. I tried all night to keep my mouth shut, but as the drinks flowed, I couldn't hold it in. I asked how old it was. They said at least 5 years old. But why?

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This seems to be a thing. I know several people here who keep pics of their ex tucked away in the junk drawer. While I understand you believe the relationship was junk, hence why you aren't with them, but why keep the pics? And I'm not talking about pics together, these are pics JUST of the ex. It's strange.

So what weird stuff is in YOUR junk drawer? Tell me below, I'm super curious.

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