Well last year New Mexico allowed non-residents the ability to apply and receive a state issued card to buy cannabis as a non-New Mexico resident. The folks in Colorado pretty much don’t really care about this new move. Now non-residents are not allowed to enroll.

More than six hundred people from Texas, Arizona and other states have enrolled as patients in New Mexico’s medical marijuana program since September based on a change in state statute signed into law last year by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. State health officials backtracked and said the residency requirement was dropped unintentionally from that legislation. They urged legislators this year to reinstate the requirement, arguing that opening up the program to states without legal marijuana might prompt federal intervention and tempt out-of-state patients to illegally transport marijuana across state lines.

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House lawmakers voted 44-19 on Monday to restore the residency requirement, over the objections of the state’s largest medical marijuana dispenser, Ultra Health. At the same time, the state recently adopted reciprocity rules to recognizes medical cannabis cards from other states at New Mexico dispensaries.

However, there is some good news, New Mexico Health Secretary Kathyleen Kunkel said enrolled nonresident medical cannabis patients would be allowed to keep their cards for three years until they expire without the possibility of renewal.

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