Putting your child behind the wheel of a car can be a frightening thing, especially for the first time.   We just want to wrap them in bubble wrap to keep them safe.  However, at some point in time when they turn 16 we have to let them spread their wings and drive. Luckily for us parents that live in Texas, we live in a great state for teen drivers.

WalletHub recently conducted a study on which state was the best when it came to our teens driving on streets, roads, highways and more.   The study looked at 23 key metrics including number of teen driver fatalities to average cost of car repairs to presence of impaired-driving laws.

Texas out of all the other states came in #10 in the study, thus making this great state a safe place for our teen drivers.  Other findings for Texas include:

1=Best; 25=Avg:

  • 26th – Teen Driver Fatalities per Teen Population
  • 19th – Teen DUIs per Teen Population
  • 18th – Avg. Cost of Car Repairs
  • 1st – Presence of Distracted-Driving/Texting-While-Driving Laws
  • 14th – Vehicle Miles Traveled per Capita
  • 6th – Presence of Occupant-Protection Laws
  • 22nd – Quality of Roads
  • 1st – Presence of Impaired-Driving Laws

New York State came in as the number one state for teen drivers, while Wyoming came in last.

See the ranks of the rest of the states:

Source: WalletHub

Now just because we are high in the rankings for safe driving for teens, that doesn't mean you let your teen drive I-35 in Dallas or I-45 in Houston in rush hour traffic. Heck those highways scare me when I'm driving. However, it's great to know this great state is safe for our teenage drivers. But safety of out teens also means we as parents have to make sure we teach them well.

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