According to Forbes, Texas is the number one state in the country to work in.

Forbes looked at statistics across the U.S., like unemployment rates and cost of living, to find out which state has the best opportunity for employment. Based on their research, they determined that Texas is the best state to make a living.

In previous years, Washington has been the number one state for jobs. However, Texas surpassed Washington this year because of the lower cost of living.

The research also revealed that the worst state to make a living is Hawaii. The cost of living and state income tax in Hawaii is outrageous, combined with job isolation, which creates a bad atmosphere for jobs. However, Hawaii thrives on tourism, which is why it's so expensive to live there.

In Texas, we know it's very different to live in Amarillo than it is to live in Austin. However, as a state, we've got a good thing going.

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