Gilberto Escaramilla from Brownsville, Texas, was let go in August when authorities obtained a search warrant and found packages of food from the juvenile department in his refrigerator.

Escaramilla worked at the Juvenile Justice Department in Cameron County, Texas. He was arrested and charged with Felony Theft after he admitted to stealing the $1.2 million dollars in fajitas for about nine years.

Here's the funny part, he was caught stealing them after he missed a day of work and a delivery driver tried to drop off 800 pounds of fajitas, and the juvenile department said they didn't serve Fajitas.

The delivery driver said that the department was mistaken because he had been delivering fajitas for 9 years.

After checking vendor invoices they found out that he would intercept the deliveries, which were county funded food deliveries, and then deliver them to his own customers.

Escaramilla was fired and then arrested and charged with the felony theft. The department is now taking actions to prevent this from happening again.

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