Most cops are good. This one appears to be a bad apple as he pepper-sprays motorcyclists passing by on the highway.

In the viral video above, you'll see a Fort Worth police officer getting out of his squad car, during a traffic stop, and immediately pulls out what appears to be pepper spray. As a group of motorcyclists pass by, said cop sprays the group with the pepper spray.

The video is shot from the point-of-view of one of the bikers in the group. At first, you'll see the video in real-time. Then, you'll see a slow-motion perspective that clearly shows the officer exiting his car with the spray in hand. He then points it at the motorcyclists then you see a cloud of spray.

Below is the response from the Fort Worth Police Department. I applaud them for proactively addressing this matter.


FWPD statement regarding the motorcycle video;Although we have not received a formal complaint, we proactively began...

Posted by Fort Worth Police Department on Monday, March 14, 2016

Regardless of this incident or others, we fully support all law enforcement as most are upstanding members of society who do their best to protect and serve - and we thank them.

[source: Chase Stone/]

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