The USPS just announced they're going to put out their first line ever of SCRATCH-AND-SNIFF stamps on June 20th. So we ask the question, what would a Texas stamp smell like?

When you think of Texas there are lots of smells that come to mind. For example here in Amarillo you might think of The Big Texan which would make you think of the smell of the steak.

Where does steak come from? Well funny you should ask. It comes from cattle. Here in Texas we have lots of cattle which means there is a chance you will smell something else very familiar to those who live here. The smell of manure. It is not a pleasant smell. But it is one we are all familiar with.

When we asked people on Facebook what they think our state stamp should smell like, they said the following.

Some suggested that it smells like a popular drink we all enjoy. Not sweet tea. They suggest that it smell like Dr. Pepper.

Some suggested that our state stamp smell like our state flower, the bluebonnet.

What do you think? What should our state stamp smell like. Tell us in the comment section below.


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