According to, the Texas Tech football team has a new opponent set for 2024 and 2026. It's a team from Texas that's part of the illustrious Southland Conference. Both games will be in Lubbock at Jones AT&T Stadium.

It's not the first time Texas Tech has played a team from the Southland. Central Arkansas and Sam Houston State both hail from the Southland Conference. But it's not one of those teams that have been rescheduled for the Red Raiders. It's a brand new opponent.

It's...Abilene Christian University. The last time these two teams played each other was 1949.

This is great for ACU. It's a chance for the school to be in a premiere market and have their game nationally televised. It's got a long list of positives for the Wildcats, including a large sum of money that Power 5 schools pay to these lesser schools.

What's the positive for Texas Tech here? Well...there are no positives.

It was a negative when Central Arkansas stayed within 7 almost the entire game. It was also a negative when the team only beat SHSU by 14 in 2015. Was it a positive to beat Southland Conference power Stephen F. Austin 69 to 17 last season? Did that game prepare the team for the rigors of the Big 12 schedule?

I'd say it did not.

The only possible positive is that it's a likely win on the schedule both years. I say likely because it's not a guarantee to beat a team like ACU. Just ask Mike Leach and Washington State.

ACU also has NFL-level talent, proven by Danieal Manning, Clyde Gates and Daryl Richardson, who are on NFL rosters right now.

That's not more talent than Texas Tech, but these FCS schools aren't the cream puffs they once were.

Obviously, it's impossible to gauge what either team will be like or if Texas Tech will still be in the Big 12. But it's safe to say that the disparity between the two won't close enough for this to be a positive for Texas Tech Football.

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