"I'm not sure this stadium will hold the funeral," former Texas Tech quarterback Rodney Allison said as he spoke to the media Monday afternoon about the passing of Spike Dykes. "We've lost an icon today."

Allison spoke very highly of Spike Dykes, saying the former head coach had, "built the foundation for the successes that we've had over the last 20 or 25 years." He continued: "He's honest. He's true. He treats the president of the university and the janitor the same."

That's a great description of the type of man Spike Dykes was.

When Allison was talking about Dykes and people remembering, he claimed "history will serve Spike Dykes well." Later, he added: "After you've talked to spike you feel better about yourself, Spike's got 100,000 best friends that's just the way he makes you feel."

"Spike belongs with E.J. Holub and Donny Anderson. I think Spike is one of those iconic figures and I think history will tell us that," Allison said.

If Texas Tech football ever made its own Mt. Rushmore, it's safe to say Spike Dykes would be on the short list of faces to be featured.

To watch the whole of Rodney Allison's comments on Spike Dykes' passing, watch the video above.

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