On Monday, a 13-year-old girl jumped from a moving school bus on Interstate 45 near Galveston, Texas. The medical examiner's office confirmed on Wednesday that she  died from her injuries.

A school bus was traveling 55 mph on the highway when the unthinkable happened.

According to witnesses, two female students got into a fight. The bus driver separated them by seating one in the very front and one in the very back.

The girl who was placed in the back opened the emergency exit door. Her classmates watched in horror as she jumped out of the bus into the middle of the interstate.

She was taken to the hospital in critical condition and, sadly, passed away on Wednesday. She was thirteen years old.

The bus had been traveling from an alternative education program in Texas City when the incident occurred.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the girl's family, friends, and everyone affected.

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