Is it a battle? Maybe not. I feel like it could be. Is there a correct answer? Is the electric stove better? Could you not live without your gas stove? Does it all come down to preference?

A friend and I always argued about this. She thinks the gas stove is the way to go. She says the food just seems to taste better. I don't think that really is it. No, I don't think food tastes different either way.

I prefer the electric stove because it seemed to cook faster. It seems to cook my food all over better. Plus my electric stove never tried to kill me.

My daughter had a friend over. They were finishing up dinner while I was out walking with a friend. I asked them to finish the rice and make a vegetable. I had the main dish in the Instant Pot.

To make the rice all they really had to do was boil water and toss it in. When I got home the full dinner would be ready. I could smell gas as soon as I walked in. They weren't paying attention and the flame was out but the knob was not turned off.

So what did that mean?

The gas was still on. If you leave an electric stove yes bad things could happen. A fire could start. But it is not silently killing you.

A gas stove costs less to run so that is an advantage. But when you are pricing them at the store a gas stove will more than likely end up costing you more to purchase.

Pros of Gas Stove

  • Heats up quickly
  • Can be run during a power outage
  • Burners cool faster
  • Less expensive to maintain

Cons of Gas Stove

  • They are harder to keep clean
  • Risk of Gas leak or explosion
  • Hard to control the heat especially low heat
  • More expensive to purchase

Pros of Electric Stove

  • Easier to control the heat
  • Easier to clean
  • costs less to purchase

Cons of Electric Stove

  • More Expensive to maintain
  • Takes longer to heat up
  • Power out? So is your ability to cook

It all seems to come down to preference. I have a gas stove at my house now. It is what it came with when I bought it. Would cost me too much to convert it to an electric stove. I still hate that it is not electric.

Which is it for you?

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