Disturbing, kinda disgusting, but all true none the less.  PopCrush reports that the very bed Micheal Jackson died in will be sold in auction this December. 

This is kinda weird if you ask me, but not as weird as the fact that somebody out there will definitely pay big bucks to own the bed that the King of Pop took his last breath in.  Are they going to clean it?  Will the buyer sleep in it!? (PopCrush)

Julien’s will auction off the bed during a Dec. 17 event. The auction company assures potential bidders that the linens have been changed.

Oh really they have?  Well that's reassuring!  I still wouldn't go near the thing, but I have no doubt there's a ton of Michael Jackson fans that will bid very high to own this bed.  PopCrush reports that not only is the bed up for sale, but some other things hardcore fans would be interested in buying as well.

Another item for sale is a mirror from the King of Pop’s room, which features a hand-scrawled message Jackson wrote in preparation for his ‘This Is It’ concerts: “TRAIN, perfection, March April. FULL OUT May.

See a Picture of Michael Jackson’s Death Bed For Sale

I can only think of 1 word to sum this entire thing up and that's CREEPY!