The app has literally taken over the nation.

Pokemon GO! is a game that brings the classic Japanese cartoon to life. Basically, people have been walking around their cities trying to capture different characters in order to earn points.

This phenomenon has inspired memes, ranging from the disastrous places people have ended up because of the game to the unusual amount of exercise people have been getting.

Here are some of the best places people have found Pokemon in Amarillo:

1. The KAMR Studio

2. On someone's bumper

Pokemon Go
Lucas Barron

3. In the middle of the street

4. On Tommy the Hacker's turntables

pokemon go
Tommy the Hacker

5. Sam's Club

However, there have also been reports of dangerous situations, like players walking into the middle of a crime scene and criminals using the app to find people to rob.

So please be careful out there if you have been playing Pokemon GO. Feel free to share your funny pictures from the game with us!

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