There's nothing like a good ol' debate right? We love to argue about anything. Some of the most ridiculous arguments I've ever had have been over some of the most ridiculous stuff you can imagine, like who makes the comfiest socks when playing sports.

No, I'm not kidding. That was a real argument I got in. It was stupid but created some heated conversation.

This isn't about comfortable socks, I promise. It's about steak. Food is one thing we all love to conversate about, and we all have differing opinions about it. Our taste buds are different, so food tastes different to all of us.

Now, that said, there are always restaurants or foods that the majority of the city agrees upon. Whether it be amazing or terrible, we tend to have "the" spot. When it comes to steak though, it seems to be a relatively heated argument.

I was on Reddit and noticed someone threw up a poll about where the best steak in Amarillo was. The results of it as of 12/27 showed this:

Reddit screenshot
Reddit screenshot

Now there's a lot to take away from this. First off, there are places missing from the list. It's not because the OP didn't think of them, it's because Reddit only allows you so many options with your polls. So let's not drag the OP before understanding that.

Texas Roadhouse as you can see received the most love. Now, this could be a myriad of factors. It could be affordability, it could be that it's just the most well-known, or it could simply be that they do have the best steak in Amarillo.

I know Texas Roadhouse is a go-to when the family is feeling steak. It's close to home, the food is good, and the service is solid. And yes, the price isn't absorbent. Will it be the BEST cut of steak I can have somewhere? Probably not, but it tastes perfectly fine when I just want a big slab of meat.

Saltgrass and Hoffbrau were awfully close for second place. I've been to Saltgrass before, and I came away just ok with it. Not bad, but not great. Hoffbrau is one I haven't had the chance to try yet though. I see it all the time and tell myself it's time to go, but I never actually make it in. Maybe sometime this week.

Once you get past those three, the votes drop off precipitously. It's the comments section where some gems start coming to light. Yes, most of them are a more expensive meal and steak, but we all have those fancy times right? You can read the comments here.

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