Do you have the biggest mum we've ever seen in Amarillo?

Homecoming is a special fall event, especially in Texas. It was started as a way to welcome back alumni to their high schools and colleges. Back in the day, most homecomings were the first football game of the season. Now, homecomings span throughout the season to accommodate larger school districts.

Traditionally, activities were held for the students and alumni, like pep rallies, parades, and dances. Some communities still uphold that tradition. For instance, every year, Canyon has a homecoming dance the week before homecoming, then holds a homecoming parade, followed by the powder puff football game and bonfire, the night before the football game.

The tradition of the mum was actually started in Texas when boys started giving their dates chrysanthemum flowers at homecoming. That practice has obvious evolved into much more than just a simple flower.

Now, most mums aren't even made of real chrysanthemums. They are made with ribbons, feathers, teddy bears, lights, and bells, plus a fake flower to represent the mum.

We want to see the biggest, craziest, most unique mums in Amarillo. It doesn't matter if your mum is from this year, either!

Submit your picture below!

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