When I first moved to the south there were so many things that shocked me. It wasn't just the unbearable heat. So many traditions to learn and after a while, I just quit asking questions as to why people in the Ark-La-Tex did certain things.

One thing that we never had in California when I was growing up was Homecoming Mums. I remember the first time I saw a mum, i thought what on earth is this thing supposed to do? Why are people spending all kinds of money at Hobby Lobby to make epic mums?

According to TexasHighways.com mums appeared in Texas during the 1930s, so this tradition has been around for almost 100 years.

Who am I to question the glory of Homecoming Mums? The article claimed that mums aren't necessarily a Texan born thing. "The first known homecoming mums were worn in Missouri, which also hosted the first-ever homecoming football game in 1911. Some claim the tradition of wearing mums—at the time, made from real chrysanthemums—began before the 1930s."

If you have no idea what a mum is think of a ginormous corsage. With ribbons galore and the size of Texas, well maybe not Texas but definitely the size of your head.

Although everything is bigger in Texas, we didn't anticipate the price tag reflecting the whole "everything is bigger" thing when it comes to price tags. I figured a mum was in the $20 to $50 range. Boy was I wrong. I stumbled upon a TikTok that had me flabbergasted.

Some girls claim their mums cost around $200 while one girl claimed hers was in the $500 range.

Check out what those pricey mums look like below:

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