With as dry as things have been, this was bound to happen.  The city of Amarillo announced a drive Wednesday encouraging voluntary conservation of water by the public.  What can I say, I want the greenest grass on the block too, but there's a time for that and now isn't the time for yard wars.  Besides how "green" does the city water actually get your grass?  It really just keeps it from turning yellow.  Either way you'd have to be blind to not see that we're stuck in a vicious drought!

"The system has delivered 8.8 billion gallons of water as of Monday," said City Manager Jarrett Atkinson. "It's 2.5 billion more than it's ever delivered in that time. It's been running at capacity since the middle of May."

Wowza!  Citizens really are consuming the water!  That's enough water to fill a 1 acre pool that's 1.4 miles deep!  A lot of water to sum it up.  We all have to take showers, brush our teeth, water our animals, but there are little things you can do to conserve water usage.

Water your yard less is the best way to do it!  First, water in the morning right at sun up so the water soaks in the ground and you get the most use out of it as possible.  Second, instead of watering your yard for 30 minutes, cut it back to about 15 minutes.  When you combine the 2 you'll get great results and still be cutting back on your water usage.

If it's yellow, let it mellow!  We've all heard this golden shower rule.  Hey it's just pee.  Let it set and try to get 2 uses out of 1 toilet bowl of water.  We all flush the toilet numerous times during 1 day, this could cut that in half!

Use that towel twice!  You gotta wash your laundry I know that.  Well while we are in this drought, hang that towel up and use it again.  It's not gross at all, I mean you are clean when you get done bathing aren't you?  So instead of using your clean towel and tossing it in your dirty clothes pile, save it for another use!  I use mine for 3 showers before I send it to be washed.  It's a great way to cut back on water consumption without sacrificing anything.

So there's a couple things you can do to reduce the amount of water your using in your house.  If you see somebody in your neighborhood just absolutely abusing our water system and watering they're yards in excess you can report the water abuse by calling 806-378-6826.  I don't encourage being a narc, but sometimes you gotta step up and say enough is enough.

So what water saving tips do you exercise?  Any tricks that we can all use to cut back on water consumption?