I recently learned about the story of Johnny Garrett from a coworker here at the radio station. Since I'm recently new to the Panhandle area I was interested in the story of Johnny.

First and foremost I'm not a fan of scary films, paranormal, or superstitious events. But I am however obsessed with the human mind and sociology. I recently just finished S-Town and recommended it to my coworker, she said, "You need to watch Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word."

She summed up the story basically saying "He was wrongfully accused, and there was a curse lingering over the families involved." I was hooked, what happened? How did the Amarillo justice system kill an innocent man? Who actually committed the murders? I had more questions than answers.

This man has to be innocent was my first thought.

So now I sit in my office, researching the story, News Channel 10 featured the family in this news article 'One-on-one with Johnny Frank Garrett's family' interesting piece on how the family is working tirelessly to clear Johnny's name.

I still have yet to watch the film. It seems the family of Johnny Garrett were okay, with the stance and take on the film. According to the News Channel 10 article,

Why was an innocent man put to death?

On October 31st, 1981, a Catholic nun Sister Tadea Benz (76) was raped and murdered in her sleep at the Catholic Convent in Amarillo. Garrett was arrested and charged with the murder and later sentenced to death.

However, the part that weirds me out is 'The Curse'. He proclaimed his innocence and told the world to "kiss his ass"  and left a note in his cell cursing those who wronged him.

I searched the web and found a blog (HERE) on the curse and you can read all the details and names of the people involved and who may have died from the curse. I don't believe in superstitions or anything, and for some reason, I think Garrett haunted those people who convicted him.

There was so much evidence to prove it wasn't him. It almost feels like a witch hunt. Why were they so hell bent on making him the killer? Most importantly, why is he still not exonerated. The family deserves to live in peace.

Do some research on this and comment below, what are your thoughts?

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