I woke up Friday morning to this great news. Mark your calendars for July 17th! I have a backstory to this.

I love the Famous Chicken otherwise knows as The San Diego Chicken. Here is the announcement. This is great news for Amarillo. I mean The Chicken always puts on a great show. BUT it has not been almost a decade.

I can tell you to the day. The last time The Chicken was in town was July 16th, 2014. So almost 5 years to the day. Not a decade. Not almost a decade. How do I know? Because I was working for the Amarillo Sox that summer. It was a memorable day for me.

When my daughter, Faith, was about 4 years old I took her to one of her first Amarillo Dillas games. This was the first time she met The Chicken. I just loved this photo of them.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Then in 2014 both she and I were working for the Amarillo Sox. I told her that all I wanted for my upcoming birthday was for her to recreate that picture. She was then going into her Senior year of high school.

She said she would really try. I mean I got it. She was working. I just wanted that photo SO bad.

As luck would have it.....she got pulled away from being the ticket taker at the gate during the game. She was asked to assist The Chicken with his souvenir stand. So she said sure she would help her only request was that they recreate that picture for her mom. So she showed The Famous Chicken the picture and he stepped right up and got it done. All the stars aligned and really the end result brought a tear to my eye.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

She did a lot to make that picture happen for me. So if you can get to the game on the 17th you just need to. Go out to Hodgetown and bring the kiddos. You will have many great memories too as I do.