Hey this is pretty cool right here!  The Food Network's Great Food Truck Race is speeding to Amarillo this weekend to compete at Homer's Backyard Ball!  Homer's isn't just about getting drunk while listening to live music and watching people flash everyone, it's also about food!  Your just always to drunk to realize that I guess.

But hey that's understandable because I'm usually to drunk to function as well.  I never eat calf fries until I'm drunk at Homer's.  That's when the red neck in me comes out.

Anyways moving on to this actual story, the reality show, hosted by Tyler Florence, travels the country with 7 food trucks.  Each week they compete to have the highest amount of food sales in order to make it to the next round.  The team with the least sales gets the ax from the show.

Well the competitors for the next season will be posting up this weekend at Homer's Backyard Ball to go head to head in the battle of the bites!

At least 4 teams are confirmed to be setting up their food trucks this Saturday for an elimination round.

So live music, lots and lots of beer and this TV episode shooting will all be taking place at the event.

The line up is a bunch of country music, but hey, when your drunk, all music sounds great!  And truth be told, I'm a closet case country music fan.

This years line-up includes Cody Canada and the Departed, Tejas Brothers, The Dirty River Boys, Casey Berry and the Live Texas Mosquitos, Tommy Gallagher Band, Gary P. Nunn, Cruise Duke, No Dry County, and The Texas Heat.

Cost is $25 in advance, $30 at the gate.

The event is BYOB and BYOC (chair).  Coolers are allowed.

Pets and Glass containers are not allowed!

The event takes place I-40 E and Whitaker Rd and the gates open at 11am.

But remember, there will be a TV show taping, so please don't make an ass of yourself because you can't handle your booze.  That's going to reflect on the entire city!  Don't be "that guy" or "the drunk girl".

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