Get ready for a exciting game this year for the Super Bowl. The Atlanta Falcons taking on the New England Patriots with a half-time performance from Lady Gaga! This game will be filled with lots of action from start to end! This morning on the show we each shared 5 strange predictions that might occur during the Super Bowl.

Check out our list and watch the Super Bowl to help us see if any of these happen!


Angel Dee Predictions

  • Tom Brady Will Get Injured Deliberately
  • Lady Gaga Will Ride Out On A Unicorn
  • Luke Bryan Will Have A Wardrobe Malfunction
  • Fans Will Start Fight During The 3rd Quarter
  • Someone Will Get Engaged On The Jumbotron

"Just Josh" Predictions

  • Tom Brady Will Yell At The Refs 3 Times For Roughing The Passer
  • Luke Bryan Will Get Emotional During The National Anthem
  • The Coach Of The Wining Team Will Get "Orange" Gatorade Poured On Them
  • The Commentators During The Super Bowl Will At Say "Houston We Have A Problem" At Least Once
  • There Will Be A Mess-Up With The Dance Routine During The Half-Time Performance

Tommy The Hacker Predictions

  • A Belligerent Drunk Fan Will Run Out On The Field
  • President Donald Trump's Name Will Be Dropped At Least 7 Times
  • Tom Brady Will Be Doing In A Interview Live On TV and He Will Have A Booger Flapping Around In His Nose
  • Michele Obama Will Make A Special Cameo And Sing On Stage With Lady Gaga During The Half-Time Performance
  • A Falcon Will Fly Around The Stadium And Land On Someone's Head

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