Everyone wants a high-paying job, right? Having that comfortable salary where you can pay all your bills, cover your groceries, then have more than enough fun money to go out to dinner or go on vacation is the goal of anyone who works.

Some industries pay better than others, but for a lot of those you need a lot of extra education. Time and money spent in college, grad school, etc. can set you back on your path to financial freedom.

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One of the industries that come up most often as a high-paying industry is the medical profession. There is this perception that anyone who works in the medical field is making bank, therefore everyone wants to be a part of it.

Well, I'm here to guide you on your path toward financial freedom in the medical field, because not EVERY job pays a mint to work it. Let's get you a few of the lower-paying jobs, as well as the highest-paying jobs in the medical field right here in Amarillo. We'll start with some of the lower-paying gigs in Amarillo.


This one is the lowest-paying job in the medical field here in Amarillo. On average, the salary for someone in this role is only $22,520 per year. I wouldn't say that's a lucrative medical field gig. To add insult to injury, that number is approximately $8,000 LOWER than what it is on average across the country.

The reason for the low salary? This is a medical field job where a high school diploma or equivalent is acceptable to work in the field. It doesn't require all the schooling needed for some of the other jobs in the industry.


One of the jobs you hear a lot of people want is in the pharmacy of a drugstore. However, just because you're behind the counter doesn't mean you're making the big bucks. A pharmacy aide brings in $25,910 per year on average in Amarillo.

One thing to remember with this job is you do NOT handle any of the drugs behind you, and that's why the job is a lower-paying one. This is another job that requires only a high school diploma or equivalent, but if you continue with your schooling, it could turn into a more lucrative job that we'll talk about shortly.


Here's another popular job that people entering the medical field tend to land. You would think with the number of people that chase down this particular role, it would pay a big amount, but at $31,290, it's just a normal, average salary.

To add insult to injury, you do need some postsecondary education in order to obtain this role, but it's a great starting point for those looking for the big bucks.

Now that we've taken a look at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to jobs in the medical field, let's see which ones you should be eyeing as you go through your schooling should you want to make it in the "big time" of the medical field salaries.


I actually have several people I know who've gone to school to be a nurse. Now when you think about the things they are tasked with performing, you'd imagine there is a lot of schooling required. It's not as bad as you think, as all you need is a bachelor's degree in this field to get in.

And the job pays well in Amarillo checking in at number 12 on the list with an average salary of $69,130. That kind of money goes pretty far in a smaller city like Amarillo and can get you on the path to financial freedom pretty quickly. Just a reminder though, nurses can work some very funky hours.


Remember how we mentioned above that pharmacy aides are one of the lowest-paid jobs in the medical field? Well the people working behind them are making a boatload of money. On average, pharmacists in Amarillo pull down six-figure salaries with the average number being $124,760.

While you only need a high school diploma or equivalent to be a pharmacy aide, you will need a doctoral or professional degree to be the person handling the drugs and making the money. Gotta spend it to make it.


We've reached the top of the food chain here when it comes to making that money in the medical field. Your family doctor is pulling down an average of $255,250 per year here in Amarillo. I mean, this actually makes sense when you average how many patients are seen per day, the number of insurance claims, etc.

You won't come across this job easily though, as you're going to need a doctorate degree or professional degree to become that next friendly face at the doctor's office.

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