The last time we talked about the Hoodoo Mural Festival in Amarillo back in July, they were looking for artists to apply. This weekend, the festival will be happening.

The Hoodoo Mural Festival will be hosted by Center City, and will take place downtown. It is on Saturday 9/21/19 starting around 4PM. There will be an after party at Crush.

Artists will be coming from all over. Local artist Malcolm Byers will be among those whose work will be on display.

Murals are definitely en vogue at the moment in Amarillo. They've been popping up all over the place, as neighborhoods and districts in town work on beautification projects.

For more information on the Hoodoo Mural Festival, be sure to check out their website and check out their Facebook page for more information on the artists, along with pictures of their work.

If you have been enjoying all of the murals popping up around town, and would like to see some more, check out the Hoodoo Mural Fest this weekend.

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